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Pope John Paul - Specials by CNN

Encyclicals, Speeches & Letters - PBS

Vatican considers papal trip cuts

Vatican City - A very elaborate site

Itinerary of Pope's visit to Cuba

Sistine Chapal, Vatican

An Introduction to Pope John Paul

Vatican Museum

Pope John Paul Catholic Net

Vatican Library

Catholic News and Information

CNN's Special Section on Pope's Visit to Cuba

Catholic Net

Papal Photo gallery

Pope Visits the Holy Land - March 2000

John Paul II - The Millennial Pope - PBS

CNN on Pope and Catholic Church

Catholic Church & Sex - PBS

Pope's Visit to Poland - CNN

A Photo Essay on Pope John Paul II - CNN

A Pictorial Biography of Pope - CNN

Journey with the Pope - CNN

Vatican ends mystery of the third prophecy of Fatima

100 Fatima Links

v World reaction to death of Pope

CNN Special on Pope John Paul

Vatican Home Page - The official site of the Holy See

CNN News about the Pope

Pope John Paul's Visit to India

Biography of Pope John Paul II - PBS

Popes Poems - PBS

Pope John Paul's Life & Legacy - Interviews by PBS

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