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Posted By  :   linzi and linda on Feb 27, 2006   *
Comments :
well hi there its linzi and linda we think that this web site is really great.
Posted By  :   wee babiis on Feb 27, 2006   *
Comments :
god bless the pope john paul i love you

Posted By  :   michael modezie on Feb 22, 2006   *
Comments :
i want to get the video disc of the death lying in state and burial of pope john paul ii
Posted By  :   Kunjethy on Feb 20, 2006   *
Comments :
At the Beginning and End of His Ministry as Pope

Prof. George Menachery

This Pope-Watcher is struck by the contrast between the Pope when he was elected in 1978 and the pitiable yet unyielding John Paul II as he came through in TV clippings towards the end of his life.

The healthy robust figure of the mountain-climbing, kayak-rowing, play-acting, quarry-working Karol Joseph Cardinal Woyityla had impressed me immensely then in October 1978, both on the day the conclave started (Oct. 14.) and on the day he was elected Pope(Oct.16) and finally and especially on the day of the commencement of his ministry (Oct.22) and also in the following days and years.

Ever since he was admitted to the Gemelli Hospital at the beginning of February (2005) the BBC and the CNN - as well as other channels - had been giving a large amount of space to Pope John Paul II. The scene shown a few days before his demise where the doves refused to leave the pontiff alone in his room, and the scene broadcast again and again by the channel where the frail pontiff blesses the cardinals and the people with great difficulty naturally reminds one of the contrast between the John Paul II of 1978 and of recent months. These scenes brought to my memory the Pope energetically and enthusiastically parading the thirty-two steps of the portico of the St. Peter s Basilica in 1978, lightly carrying the heavy ( ten pounds) cross of the universal shepherd during the ceremonny for the commencement of his papal ministry when he was elected Pope at the age of fifty six.

However the Pope s refusal to surrender to sickness or death without a fight is a very miracle that exhibits his pro-life attitude much more strongly than his remarkably strong words and encyclicals, his books and articles.

To tell others how to suffer is easy enough, but John Paul showed in his life how one could convert suffering forming part of doing one's duty into a real joy - and how a Christian aught to suffer until the very end in a spirit of serenity and gladness. Hours before his death the youth of Rome and the world were singing and praying for the pope in the St. Peter s square. The Pope told the cardinal who was visiting him, All my life I was searching and seeking for the young people. Now they have come searching for me. . The days and years the Pope had spent in the company of the youth - singing, dancing, kayaking, skiing, ...he was showing that his hope for the Church was in the youth. And at the end the youth showed how they took him for a real companion and a friend and guide.

Again , hours before his death he summoned all the rev. sisters who were in the service of the papal household. And he admonished them saying There must be no tears . And the lakhs and lakhs of people who assembled in the Square during the last days of John Paul and during the burial services often danced and sang and clapped their hands - so much so Cardinal Ratzinger (now Benedict XVI) had a hell of a time trying to complete his funeral oration, as we all saw. It was a living demonstration for John Donne's poem "Death be not proud", who's afraid of you.

The huge crowd of heads of states (a president and two ex-presidents of the US among them) who attended the funeral ceremonies were doing
so not simply due to poitical custom, but because they felt here indeed was a person who was larger than life.

[For some of the changes made by John Paul II, and his predecessors in the secret election processes at the Vatican cf. the article Electing a New Pope: The Conclave and All That...by Prof. Menachery, vide supra]

Posted By  :   Kunjethy on Feb 20, 2006   *
Comments :
Electing a new Pope: The Conclave and all that:
How Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI were elected.

Prof. George Menachery

Many Popes have altered the rules for the conduct of the gathering of the cardinals called the Conclave (con = with, clavis = key – that is, behind locked doors) which elects the new Pope. Pope John Paul II has added {Universi Dominici Gregis, Shepherd of the Lord's Whole Flock - 1996) to the many significant changes made by Pope Paul VI (1967, 1970, 1975). Of these changes in procedure made by John Paul II one will have very far reaching consequences. According to Pope Paul VI’s rules the winning candidate had to get two-thirds plus one votes of the number of cardinals present and voting.

Simple Majority may be sufficient in 2005 Conclave

In John Paul’s rules the necessary number for election is only two- thirds (only if the total is not divisible by three it must be two-thirds plus one); but what is to the point: after 30 elections if still there is a deadlock and no one has obtained the necessary two thirds majority then the cardinals could decide to elect the person who secures a simple majority of fifty percent plus one. This means that if a cardinal gets 50% plus one at the beginning his supporters could simply sit out and wait for the 30th election to be over, when he could be elected with the same number of votes that he polled at the commencement of the election. The very much more comfortable beds and rooms which will be made available to the cardinals this time could make such a waiting for many days feasible, which could not have been imagined in the previous elections where the cardinals were housed in hallways and corridors on folding cots with inadequate conveniences. In fact when I visited the conclave area in and adjoining the Sistine Chapel in 1978 October, two days before the beginning of the last Conclave, as a specially selected representative of the press, with 59 other fellow journalists (out of a total of 1300 accredited media representatives, this time I am told there might be more than 4000) we found the accommodation provided for the cardinals much less satisfactory even than the amenities provided by the cheapest pensione. This time over, although the election takes place in the Sistine Chapel, the cardinals will live in the five-story Domus Sanctae Marthae, a Vatican residence with 105 two-room suites and 26 single rooms, some thousand odd feet from the Apostolic Palace, built in 1996. The rooms, as in previous Conclaves, will be allotted by lot. Last time the Cardinal from Krakow Karol Wojtyla got room number 91 in the Conclave area. As a result of the present change in rules it is almost certain that a Cardinal with Pope John Paul II’s views is almost sure to be elected since out of the 117 Cardinals under 80 eligible to vote 114 have been elevated to the post by John Paul II himself, most of whom reportedly with the same outlook as Pope John Paul II himself. It is my personal opinion that this part of the regulation will have much opposition in the coming days and most probably the next Pope will considerably dilute this clause so as to avoid hardline stances, because as it is there is not much meaning for the two-thirds stipulation. Under these circumstances chances of Cardinals who have received much exposure during the recent papacy and the recent ceremonies and who also have contacts and knowledge of languages on their side will be considerable.

Secret, Top Secret
Each and every step in the present system of electing the Pope has developed from differing experiences, situations, and circumstances down the centuries… and to study these developments is most interesting and quite rewarding.

In 1271 the 17 Cardinals started the election at Viterbo, 40 miles from Rome. On account of various external pressures they could not agree on a Pope for two years and a half. Finally the angry people intervened. They locked in the Cardinals and even closed all holes in the walls with bricks. They even punished the reluctant electors by taking off the roof of the building, subjecting the Cardinals to the wrath of nature. And they were even starved.

Finally the Cardinals arrived at a compromise: they elected a six member committee from among themselves to take a decision for them. Thus was elected blessed Gregory X. Naturally he was forced to begin the process of today’s secret conclave because of this experience. 700 years ago at Lyons were established the first Conclave rules. Many of the Popes, including John Paul II have made changes in these rules “What leads me to take this step is awareness of the Church's changed situation today and the need to take into consideration the general revision of Canon Law which took place… While keeping in mind present-day requirements, I have been careful, in formulating the new discipline, not to depart in substance from the wise and venerable tradition already established” –JPII. John Paul II has forbidden the 2005 Conclave to elect a Pope by the Compromise or Committee method.

Fortunately no 20th century papal election had lasted more than a week. Pius X was elected in a day. To elect Pope John XXIII the 51 Cardinals of his day took only three days. 111 Cardinals coming from the five continents found their leader in the Pope of the eternal smile John Paul I in a single day. John Paul II himself was elected in the seventh poll on the third day of the Conclave.

Conclaves and the Sistine Chapel

It was originally permitted to have the election anywhere. Elections have taken place in many different towns of France and Italy. It was Pope Clement the VII of the Medici family – the illegal son of a Medici – who ordered that all papal elections must take place in Rome. Now the elections must take place in the Vatican only. Though there was no objection to having the election anywhere in the Vatican the Cardinals have traditionally preferred the Sistine Chapel for the election. And they could not be blamed for that. If asked which is the most beautiful man-made space in the world many art lovers would not hesitate to reply “The Sistine Chapel in the Vatican Palace”. Every square inch of this chapel – whether it is the ceiling, the walls, the floor…of this 136”x 48”x 86” structure depicts the works of the best known renaissance artists – Perugino, Ghirlandhao,..and of course Michelangelo.

The great warrior Pope Julius II asked Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the chapel with stars and traditional decorations. “Painting is not my trade”, said Michelangelo. “I am a sculptor. You may give this job to Raphael,” he said to the Pope. Finally he agreed to do the job so that he could get the commission to sculpt the marble tomb of the Pontiff. Michelangelo believed sculpture much superior to painting, and had many arguments with Da Vinci on the matter. Today the ceiling, some 86 feet above ground, is filled with the incomparable 5600 sq. ft. series called the Genesis or the Creation. After many years the altarpiece of the chapel, 2000 sq. ft., was also painted by Michelangelo himself – The Last Judgment. These four hundred years and more the Last Judgment has been attracting millions of art lovers every year from all over the world.

No wonder John Paul II orders the Conclave – the actual election of the Pope to take place under these paintings. “At the same time, in view of the sacredness of the act of election and thus the need for it to be carried out in an appropriate setting where, …and where, on the other, the electors can more easily dispose themselves to accept the interior movements of the Holy Spirit, I decree that the election will continue to take place in the Sistine Chapel, where everything is conducive to an awareness of the presence of God, in whose sight each person will one day be judged.”


In the year of the three Popes - 1978 when this writer had an opportunity to examine the secret arrangements of the Conclave the floors of the Sistine and environs had already been paved with timber to level the floor. Thrones for the Cardinals and utensils for the conduct of the election were already in place. Touching all those paraphernalia brought to mind some special features of that most secret of election processes.

Anybody can be Pope, even a layman or in theory at least even a non-Christian. In the first 800 years of Christianity it was the deacons of Rome who became Popes. It was only after that period that a bishop became Pope. However in the last 700 years only Cardinals have been elected to the position, except Gregory the XVI in 1831 who was not yet a bishop when elected. From1523 to October 1978 papacy was the monopoly of Italians, so to say.

True, Peter was from outside Italy. But of his 264 successors to-date only 59 have come from outside Italy. 15 Greeks, 15 Frenchmen, 6 Germans, 6 Syrians, 3 North Africans, 3 Spaniards, 2 Dalmatians, 2 Goths, 1 Thracian, 1 Englishman, 1 Portuguese, and 1 of Dutch origin – the nationality of another one is not clear – and finally John Paul II, a Polaco.

Sylvester I the first French Pope (999 – 1003) was a great scholar and is thought to have been the model for Dr. Faustus.

Nicolas Breakspeare was the only Englishman to occupy Peter’s throne and he took the name Adrian IV (1154 – 59). Though a second Englishman has also been elected he refused to become Pope.

In 1305 the ongoing conflicts between the imperialists and the republicans split the city states of Italy so that the seat of the Pope had to be shifted outside Italy to Avignon in France. For well nigh three quarters of a century Avignon remained the seat of corruption and greed until Pope Gregory XI restored the seat of papacy to Rome.

Both the foreign Popes of the 15th century were members of the notorious Borgia family of Spain. They, Calistus III and his nephew Alexander VI, made the papacy a family affair. Pope Alexander the Sixth made four of his nephews and an illegitimate son Cardinals. The Borgias made poisoning into a fine art. The attempt of the Borgia father and son to poison a rival misfired when Pope Alexander drank the poisoned drink by mistake and died within a week When one enters the Borgia rooms in the Vatican Palaceone trembles with fear in spite of the Raphael paintings. The person elected from outside Italy before John Paul II was the Dutch Adrian. He had to face the consequences of Martin Luther’s revolt. When Adrian, who had confessed the errors of the Church and had tried to correct them, died there was no one to mourn his death. A floral crown appeared at the door of the Palace Doctor who had failed to save the Pope. Because of that Dutch Curse no one had been elected Pope from outside Italy for 455 years, until 1978.

Although Indian Catholics form only a small portion of the Catholic population of the world some three percent of the electoral college comes from India: Cardinal Vithayathil of Ernakulam, Cardinal Dias of Bombay, and Cardinal Toppo the chairman of the CBCI. Cardinal Lourdsamy and Cardinal Pimenta have no votes as they have crossed 80. The former Nuncio to India Cardinal Caciavillan is another voter.

The Commencement of the Conclave

Why is it that the election begins only after 15 to 20 days (in Pope Paul’s regulations 15 to 18 days) after the death of the Pope? Blessed Gregory X had ordered the Conclave to start ten days after the death of a Pope. Gregory’s rule was followed without interruption for 648 years. But the rule had to be changed in 1922. American Cardinal O’Connel of Boston boarded ship to attend the August 1914 Conclave. But when he arrived Benedict XV had already been elected Pope. The depressed Cardinal returned to Boston. In 1922 he again started by ship for the next Conclave. But by the time the Cardinal entered the Conclave white smoke had begun to appear from the thin Sistine pipe.

The disappointed Cardinal got wild with the Cardinal Camerlengo. It was felt by many that the election was being held on the tenth day of the demise of the Pope only to exclude Americans from it and to insult American Catholics. However the newly elected Pope Pius XI decided that thereafter the Conclave should start only 15 days after the death of a Pope, and if necessary the commencement could be postponed by two or three days to enable all Cardinals to arrive. O’Connel who was Cardinal for a long time once again started from Boston for the 1939 Conclave. By this time his hasty departures had become the subject of many jokes and cartoons. But on this occasion he did reach the Vatican in time, and attended the Conclave from beginning to end. The Pope elected at this Conclave was Pius XII. But by 1939 it was possible for American Cardinals to reach Rome by plane, reaching Rome often much before many other Cardinals.

John Paul II has declared in his regulations for the 2005 Conclave:

“When the funeral rites for the deceased Pope have been celebrated according to the prescribed ritual, and everything necessary for the regular functioning of the election has been prepared, on the appointed day — and thus on the fifteenth day after the death of the Pope or, in conformity with the provisions of No. 37 of the present Constitution, not later than the twentieth — the Cardinal electors shall meet in the Basilica of Saint Peter's in the Vatican, or elsewhere, should circumstances warrant it, in order to take part in a solemn Eucharistic celebration with the Votive Mass Pro Eligendo Papa. This celebration should preferably take place at a suitable hour in the morning.”

During the occasion of the last Conclave this writer was fortunate enough to be included in the fourteen journalists officially admitted to cover this Votive Mass Pro Eligendo Papa or Mass for the Election of the Pope, when I was able to take a rare photo of Cardinal Woityla who at the end of that Conclave became Pope John Paul II.

“From the Pauline Chapel of the Apostolic Palace, where they will assemble at a suitable hour in the afternoon, the Cardinal electors, in choir dress, and invoking the assistance of the Holy Spirit with the chant of the Veni Creator, will solemnly proceed to the Sistine Chapel of the Apostolic Palace, where the election will be held.”

There is also this provision: “However, should any Cardinal electors arrive re integra, that is, before the new Pastor of the Church has been elected, they shall be allowed to take part in the election at the stage which it has reached.”

So much for the wailings of the Cardinal from Boston.

The Election Process

The papal election and election processes are keenly watched and studied by the world; especially by politicians all over the world, irrespective of country, religion, or political ideology.

The various steps and procedures for the election of the new Pope as revised and promulgated by John Paul II in 1996 may be summarized as follows: The cardinals assemble in the Sistine Chapel to elect a new pope 15-20 days after the death of the reigning Pope. The utensils necessary for voting – pen, paper, ink, ballot papers etc. will be on each Cardinals’s table, distributed by the Masters of Ceremony. Then are selected by drawing of lot, from among all the Cardinal electors, three Scrutineers, three persons charged with collecting the votes of the sick, called for the sake of brevity Infirmarii, and three Revisers. The Cardinals are not to have any contact with the outside world during the duration of the Conclave. They cast their secret ballots, disguising their handwriting, into a chalice with a paten. Though in theory any Roman Catholic can be chosen, only a Cardinal is chosen in practice. Four ballots are conducted each day -- two in the morning and two in the afternoon. Each time, after both votes of a session, the papers are all burned, along with chemicals or other material (wet or dry straw for example) to produce black or white smoke as the case may be. ( Last Conclave I especially noticed the small bundles of straw, two bags of charcoal, a box of firewood, iron sticks, pokers, and spoons for feeding and stirring the fire, and sticks of chemicals with the labels “White” and “Black”. If a Pope has not been elected after three days, nobody having secured two-thirds of the votes, according to the new regulations there will be a short break – of a day – for prayer, an exhortation by the top Cardinal Deacon, Cardinal Priest, or Cardinal Bishop, and discussions. There will be similar short breaks after each seven unsuccessful ballots. After thirty ballots if still no one obtains two-thirds majority, the Cardinals will elect the person who gets simple majority, i.e. 50% plus one votes. The election is announced after the newly elected person consents to be Pope and chooses the name by which he will be known. The newly elected pope then emerges and gives his first papal blessing: Urbi et Orbi ("To the City and to the World") to the crowd in the St. Peter’s Square.

Cut off from outside Contacts

John Paul the First died on 25th September 1978. On October 14th the doors of the Conclave were locked and sealed from inside and outside. From the next day onwards voting took place twice in the morning and twice in the evening. However this time it is possible that a single ballot may be taken in the first afternoon itself. The ballots were deposited in the golden chalice kept on the white cloth spread over the papal altar of the Sistine Chapel. Following previous practices tape-recorder, Vidieo, newspaper, cell-phone, TV, camera – all are forbidden in the Conclave areas. Periodic eclectronic checking will be carried out to ensure this.

In fact there are no candidates in this election, no ‘proposers’ and ‘seconders’. In one sense it is only the Holy Spirit who proposes, in the privacy of each voter’s heart.

Election by Acclamation Forbidden

The scene was the funeral ceremonies of Pope Alexander II in the 11th century. Suddenly a voice arose: “Let Hiederbrand be Pope!” Everybody repeated that demand. Thus all the assembled congregation took Hiederbrand to the church and enthroned him as Pope Gregory VIII. But the new regulations do not permit election by Acclamation. Or by Compromise. Only election by private individual voting is allowed. In any case election by acclamation and by committee has not been resorted to for many centuries.

Criteria for Election

The age, country, administrative experience, holiness of life, knowledge about the teachings of the Church, scholarship, attitudes, Curia membership, knowledge of languages – especially Italian and Latin, travels…all count in the selection of the proper candidate. Agatho from Sicily was elected when he was a hundred years old, and yet ruled for three years. Among the nine recent Popes only Benedict XV died before 80 – and of course John Paul I. The longest reigning Pope was Pius IX who ruled for 31 years. The second place goes to John Paul II – 27 years. It is traditionally believed that St. Peter ruled the longest. Stephen II died two days after he was elected Pope. In 1605 Leo XI ruled only for 27 days. The third shortest rule was that of John Paul I – 33 days.

Note: Pl. inform if any other aspect is to be described.There are quite a few. E- Mail: kunjethy@yahoo.com

Posted By  :   Byron K. Judge on Feb 19, 2006   *
Comments :
It is only through his death that I have truly come to realize the absolute greatness of this man, this priest, this pope, this saint!
Posted By  :   patrick on Feb 14, 2006   *
Comments :

from Bob

Posted By  :   babitha moongamackal on Feb 13, 2006   *
Comments :
the late pope john poul ll is a great religious leader of the modern history.he was the peoples pope.he represents the true christian values,heven is rejoicing while we r mourning
Posted By  :   FATHER JOHNSON ADUKRAH on Feb 13, 2006   *
Comments :
Dear friend in catholic,
Greetings to you by our virgn Mary and his son the Jesus christ.how are you.i hope by thwe grace of our almighty God you are fine as i am.Firstly let as give the thank to the God who as protect as.
Please friend the main reason fro writing you this letter is that.I am FATHER JOHNSON ADUKRAH In the chuch of st mattew church.
And i and my catholic members are in need of catholic materials.Like bibles, rosaries,scapulars and some catholic books and status
So i am praying to our only immaculate mother mary,the son Jesus christ and the holy spirit to rein your heart to send us the items we have request for.
P.O.BOX SE 2244

Posted By  :   susan on Jan 29, 2006   *
Comments :
dear pope
I know you respect prophets. I hear bad men cursed by HOLY MOHAMAD. please answer them

Posted By  :   sanju varghese on Jan 22, 2006   *
Comments :
thanku for bringing out this web site since it is very use ful to all
Posted By  :   Sarah Maclean on Jan 19, 2006   *
Comments :
John Paul II was the one and only pope who had a real connection with the youth of the world as i am a youth myself i am glad to have seen him on tv and have gone to the first world youth day without his presence. I was hoping to see JP2 but he was there in all of our hearts in Koln Germany in Augest, I just want to thank JP2 for making wyd a celebration of youth who have faith and to come together and worship our one and holy god. I WILL SEE YOU IN HEAVEN. R.I.P. JP2!
Posted By  :   asif charles on Jan 13, 2006   *
Comments :
i need help
Posted By  :   Hailey McBroom on Jan 12, 2006   *
Comments :
John Paul was a really great pope.It was hard to see him go.
Posted By  :   Sr. Rosemary Milambo on Jan 08, 2006   *
Comments :
I like the you people how you publish you work to the world. It's really nice to have you people. many God's blessing!
Posted By  :   John & Shelby Allan on Jan 04, 2006   *
Comments :
Thank you for having this site and for your service.
Posted By  :   Marie Simmons on Dec 25, 2005   *
Comments :
It's my first time at this website. I waas looking for information on Pope John Paul the 2nd and I landed here. What a nice site!
Posted By  :   Frank Johnson on Dec 24, 2005   *
Comments :
Good Service
Posted By  :   Charles on Dec 22, 2005   *
Comments :
Pope John Paul II will always be in my heart, our heart and will always be remembered in our minds, for all the things that he did in this world.
Posted By  :   Eleazar C. Lazaro on Dec 21, 2005   *
Comments :
he is my holy medium to Jesus, i do belived that all my sorrows will be heard by God the Father and in His Name i can be resureccted from these sorrow.
Posted By  :   Baqir on Dec 18, 2005   *
Comments :
hi, I want the postal address of Pope John III !(Residence address). Reply me on my e-mail "smbs4u@hotmail.com"
Posted By  :   Victoria on Dec 17, 2005   *
Comments :
To me Pope John Paul was a wonderful pope I only would see him on TV and, he seemed like a great pope my Mom told me about him and she says that he was a great pop I wish he wouldnt of died I am 12 years old and am a Catholic and go to Immaculate Conception Church in Knickerbocker Tx. I wish yall could e-mail me info abot him I liked to learn more
Posted By  :   Chase Schrader from Waterloo, Iowa on Dec 16, 2005   *
Comments :
Need a Timeline of important facts.
Posted By  :   lloyd on Dec 13, 2005   *
Comments :

Posted By  :   Sarah Blaida on Dec 11, 2005   *
Comments :
I truley think that he was our gratest Pope. Not only because of the miracles he did and all the things that he proclamied but also that he fallowed God's covent and he never forgot how much God truley loved him.
Posted By  :   RAQUEL POUGET on Dec 10, 2005   *
Comments :
Posted By  :   Alfred Mangano on Dec 07, 2005   *
Comments :
Pope John Paul II has been an inspiration to me and my family.
I am presently watching his life story on telecision. As a professional actor and Spriitual person in Jesus Christ and God, he has made me a better person and more Spiritual and the world is a much better place to have known him.
God Bless Pope John Paul II.

Posted By  :   Sandra S on Dec 07, 2005   *
Comments :
Very good site. I love Pope John Paul II, there will never be another pope like him, he was amazing and he is now in heaven looking down on us.
Posted By  :   Cristi on Dec 05, 2005   *
Comments :
may god bless you...
Posted By  :   Frieda Assouad on Dec 03, 2005   *
Comments :
I need information about him
Posted By  :   Stephen on Dec 02, 2005   *
Comments :
The Pope will remain in our hearts forever
Posted By  :   dom rose on Nov 23, 2005   *
Comments :
hi im glad the pope is in heaven

Posted By  :   shartell on Nov 23, 2005   *
Comments :
I love pope john paul 2 i think he was very loving caring and I mean I cant explain it but when he died I burst into tears and even today i still cry but he is in a much better place and i know his smilling down on us
Posted By  :   Oduro Richard on Nov 21, 2005   *
Comments :
Richard is my name..
I am 18 years , i have problem to tell you for you to give me
advice ..
I know you is fellow much more than me..
Also you is interesting with childrens..
I don't know,wheather you will be interesting to hear me or
Please,know that,is a help of God ,that is why i get your
So, give me chance to tell you...

Posted By  :   roshan on Nov 15, 2005   *
Comments :
put info on how he brought down communism.......overall good site

Posted By  :   aqbdukl on Nov 14, 2005   *
Comments :
why did this man kiss the Quran
Posted By  :   MARGARET ANN BASS on Nov 11, 2005   *
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Posted By  :   Hope Kayula on Nov 07, 2005   *
Comments :
To me, The Pope is remembered as a man who brought hundred fold people to the Lord through his actions. He truely dedicated His life to saving souls.
Posted By  :   Justin on Nov 06, 2005   *
Comments :
Hernia problem (Lump on left lower side of abdomen,near groin). Too poor to afford operation. Respected Father, kindly pray that I am cured of hernia soon. Pl remember me in all your DAILY prayers and masses (name: Justin). Awaiting your Miracle to happen for which shall be ever grateful. Thanks for your continuous daily prayers.
- Justin (hernia sufferer)

Posted By  :   kinari on Nov 03, 2005   *
Comments :
nice site

Posted By  :   BILL & CAROL, on Nov 02, 2005   *
Comments :

The Death of Our Only Son!!

My wife & I are in great need of Prayer Support by all in the Days ahead....Nov. Christmas 2005,2006....long term for God's Healing Peace & Recovery in our Broken Hearts,Health & Shattered Lives!!

Not only did we lose our Only Son,but we lost our entire families to tragedy as well! Along with our health and financial ruin!!


Please pray that God will send us Help in our Recovery...Spiritual & Physical!!

Please if possible can you Help us by E-mailing Urgent Prayer Request on WORLD WIDE...W W W....Other Parishes,Monasteries,Convents,Prayer Groups and Others out there in the World who can stand with us in Prayer Now & in the Days ahead.....Nov. Christmas 2005,2006....as long as possible??

Meanwhile, We will continue to stay at our Post in Prayer Day and Night!!

Pray that all is not in Vain!! That God will work through our loss and pain to confort others who are hurting!!

Thank you,
Bill and Carol, husband and wife in Hope of His Mercy and Peace. ohio. usa.

Posted By  :   BILL & CAROL, on Nov 02, 2005   *
Comments :

The Death of Our Only Son!!

My wife & I are in great need of Prayer Support by all in the Days ahead....Nov. Christmas 2005,2006....long term for God's Healing Peace & Recovery in our Broken Hearts,Health & Shattered Lives!!

Not only did we lose our Only Son,but we lost our entire families to tragedy as well! Along with our health and financial ruin!!


Please pray that God will send us Help in our Recovery...Spiritual & Physical!!

Please if possible can you Help us by E-mailing Urgent Prayer Request on WORLD WIDE...W W W....Other Parishes,Monasteries,Convents,Prayer Groups and Others out there in the World who can stand with us in Prayer Now & in the Days ahead.....Nov. Christmas 2005,2006....as long as possible??

Meanwhile, We will continue to stay at our Post in Prayer Day and Night!!

Pray that all is not in Vain!! That God will work through our loss and pain to confort others who are hurting!!

Thank you,
Bill and Carol, husband and wife in Hope of His Mercy and Peace. ohio. usa.

Posted By  :   BILL & CAROL, on Nov 02, 2005   *
Comments :

The Death of Our Only Son!!

My wife & I are in great need of Prayer Support by all in the Days ahead....Nov. Christmas 2005,2006....long term for God's Healing Peace & Recovery in our Broken Hearts,Health & Shattered Lives!!

Not only did we lose our Only Son,but we lost our entire families to tragedy as well! Along with our health and financial ruin!!


Please pray that God will send us Help in our Recovery...Spiritual & Physical!!

Please if possible can you Help us by E-mailing Urgent Prayer Request on WORLD WIDE...W W W....Other Parishes,Monasteries,Convents,Prayer Groups and Others out there in the World who can stand with us in Prayer Now & in the Days ahead.....Nov. Christmas 2005,2006....as long as possible??

Meanwhile, We will continue to stay at our Post in Prayer Day and Night!!

Pray that all is not in Vain!! That God will work through our loss and pain to confort others who are hurting!!

Thank you,
Bill and Carol, husband and wife in Hope of His Mercy and Peace. ohio. usa.

Posted By  :   Theresa on Nov 01, 2005   *
Comments :
The day our Holy Father died, I cried. He died frail in body but strong in mind, always caring for his flock. I believe we have lost a great strong human being, who is a loss to earth but a bonus to heaven. I believe he will look over us all forever.
Posted By  :   hilary agbom on Oct 27, 2005   *
Comments :
needed urgently .i would love to know the exact time cardinal felici announced the winning of elections of pope john paul 2nd at 1978 .
the exerct time he made his first pronoucement and the exerct time he won his election .

Posted By  :   hilary agbom on Oct 27, 2005   *
Comments :
please i would love my previous questions to be re-plied 18.00 pm thanx and God bless
Posted By  :   i.e.c on Oct 24, 2005   *
Comments :
i am a poor boy who needed help .please help me, these are my problems. i want to be a good boy ,i don't want to be a bad boy. so i am calling on you to help me to reach my goals in life .i was born in poor family where my mother can not send me to a good school, where i can achieve my goal of becoming a doctor, due to financial reasons.my senior brother has finish his secondery education, but threr s no money for him to enter university.my mother engage in some risky business in order to feed us in which i don't like . my father abandon us since 7 years ago . i have try my best to raise money for the family but not able to do that to the full.so please hewlp my family with anything you have no amount is too small please,and as you do GOD will bless you and your family and you will never experience the hardship will are experiencing in JESUS name AMEN

NAME; i.f.c
AGE; 18 years old

GOD bless you as you do amen

Posted By  :   Simon on Oct 21, 2005   *
Comments :
please pray for British JesusYouths based from London for thier future activities and Mission
Posted By  :   matt on Oct 20, 2005   *
Comments :
is is he goin to be a saint?
Posted By  :   matt on Oct 20, 2005   *
Comments :
dear lord, please make my life better and help me in life to see the good in every and i pray for jhon paulII
Posted By  :   simonchalres on Oct 20, 2005   *
Comments :
A great patron saint of our time
for our inspirations and strength
please pray for BrtishJesusYouths based from London for future activities and Mission and fullfil your dreams and prayers.

Posted By  :   Darcy Bunn on Oct 19, 2005   *
Comments :
If like me you are inclined to reflect on Pope John Paul the Great now that it is the anniversary of his election, I invite you to read an article by a young "JPII Generation" priest in our parish. It's on our parish website at http://www.saintpetercatholic.com/john_paul_the_great.htm
Posted By  :   Jozef on Oct 17, 2005   *
Comments :
While browsing the internet, I discovered quite an
interesting website.


Any thoughts and/or comments on the



Posted By  :   jesse jay on Oct 16, 2005   *
Comments :
I met John Paul and you didn't!

Posted By  :   sanoj jose mundackal on Oct 15, 2005   *
Comments :
a very good and information rich web site. very good.
Posted By  :   Anselm on Oct 11, 2005   *
Comments :
pope john paul was my mentor
Posted By  :   ImC on Oct 10, 2005   *
Comments :
Papal Day Concert – ‘In the footsteps of John Paul the Great’

TVP - Concert, 100 min, Poland, 2005 Sunday, 16.10.2005

Papal Day was set up by Poland’s Roman Catholic Church to fall on the Sunday preceding Oct. 16, the date of Cardinal Karol Wojtyla’s 1978 election to the papacy. It always follows a week of celebrations that include concerts, exhibitions and other commemorative events to mark the occasion. Papal Day Concert is the highlight of the festivity.

This year Concert will be held in a unique context. John Paul the Great has gone to the Father’s House and his beatification process has officially begun. The Concert is meant to be a thanksgiving for Karol Wojtyla, his teaching and legacy. On the other hand it is also dedicated to Benedict XVI as a token spiritual solidarity with the new pontiff.

The Concert will be held at Castle Square in Warsaw and hosted by Grazyna Torbicka and Grzegorz Misztal. The artists scheduled to perform include: Ryszard Rynkowski, Jan Pietrzak, Mieczyslaw Szczesniak, Hanna Stach, Malgorzata Ostrowska, Magda Aniol, Beata Bednarz, Adam Nowak z zespolem Raz Dwa Trzy, Halina Mlynkova, Kuba Badach, Adam Krylik, Roberto Bignoli from Italy, Fr. Stan Fortuna from USA and gospel quartet A4 from France. The artists will present Karol Wojtyla’s favorite songs, hymns and tunes.

Wojciech Zagula

SoS Music : http://www.sosmusic.pl/


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Posted By  :   pranay paul on Oct 02, 2005   *
Comments :
christ is the only one who sacrefies his life for all of us,because he love us as we are his children ,so we should also love our loveable the only one father that is christ.
Posted By  :   Alex on Sep 11, 2005   *
Comments :
God please take care of pope john paul. He was a wonderful man and still is. God bless you
Posted By  :   vatos on Sep 09, 2005   *
Comments :
i want you to be a good leader so that we can follow your step
Posted By  :   surriya on Sep 05, 2005   *
Comments :
please let me know your post mailing address.God bless you.pray for me
Posted By  :   Wilson CK on Aug 27, 2005   *
Comments :
very informative and wonderful site. God bless u .
Posted By  :   christa on Aug 26, 2005   *
Comments :
i love you pope jhon paul
Posted By  :   Curtis on Aug 25, 2005   *
Comments :
i miss JPII so much!

i have to do a report on him so plz help me out if possible!

Posted By  :   Mark Baran on Aug 25, 2005   *
Comments :
We love you with all our hearts! You shall rest in peace, you will be missed by many, but not forgotten. Our hearts are always with you. Thank you for all your hard work and everything you have done for the world to become a better place. You are a true hero, the greatest person that has ever lived.

Posted By  :   Bill on Aug 17, 2005   *
Comments :
Animals have souls too no one should deny them it, it is only prideful humans that do
if you think animals have no souls shame on you those intelligent creatures are laughing at our pride and arrogance
animals definitly go to heaven and continue to exist they don’t disappear into nothingness no matter how comfortable we would be with that

they don’t go into nothingness or oblivion, that are and will always be
and anyone or thing that wishes to pin on them such a fate out to try them selves dissapearing into nothing and see if they like it

animals are smart show emotions feelings sometimes more then people do, people have a lot to learn from them There not prideful like people and don’t deny us life for a soul why should be deny them one

they definitly live on in heaven and for those who say theres no room for them there is definitly room for them the innocent ones if theres room for us billion of prideful ones theres definitly room for them

animals go to heaven and it should be taught everywhere they wont go gently into the night of not being they will always be because they are there not just a machine but feel pain when tortured or hurt mourn the loss of their owner and sometimes show more compassion then human beings

they have much to teach us the question is will we listen

animals are in heaven now enjoying eternity, the question is will we ever get there defintly not if we deny them the right to not just life on earth but eternal life what good is any life if it does not continue , and go on

animals are in heaven and hopefully one day they will forgive our cruelty to them

Posted By  :   musah on Aug 15, 2005   *
Comments :
Dear one in christ,
The brigthness of the day has giving me oppotunity to write you this humble letter. The prime-motive for writing you this humble letter is that my sister and i have billt a church in our Village we are the only church members in the village and we have nothing to make the peoples in our village no more about God so we want you to send us some bibles and some christian materials so that we can give it to them to no more about God.
I hope you will help me.please you can send me this things on this address

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Posted By  :   Martin on Aug 13, 2005   *
Comments :
Can you email me the biography of the pop John Paul second?
Posted By  :   ibrahim fudu on Aug 12, 2005   *
Comments :
please send me some of your items through this email address
nii teye
p.o.box 161
west africra

Posted By  :   raymond oduro on Aug 12, 2005   *
Comments :
send me.

Posted By  :   shane on Aug 11, 2005   *
Comments :
greatt site
Posted By  :   sasfa on Aug 07, 2005   *
Comments :
I have need his Res. address and contact to your as soon as possible.
pls send me e mail address.

Posted By  :   samuel on Aug 05, 2005   *
Comments :
i need more information.
Posted By  :   Maurice Chamberland & Family on Jul 29, 2005   *
Comments :
We will always have a special place in our heart for Pope John Paul II. He was an inspiration to everyone. We will miss him but we will also remember him as a very caring & loved Pope. May God bless & keep him. Now we look forward to being blessed by our new Pope Benedict. God bless our new Pope.
Posted By  :   Louis Angel Padro on Jul 27, 2005   *
Comments :
In the name of the Father and the Son and Holy Spirit. As a Catholic I will always hold my faith deep in my heart and soul. I pray for the state of the world. I pray for our innocent soldiers fighting in Iraq, may St. Michael guide them. I pray for nature. It cries! May we not abuse what God has given us.
I especially pray for the sick. I pray for my friend who has aids, and for me. I have Parkinson's Disease. The only thing that keeps me going is the belief in God and his son Jesus Christ. My pain and suffering only make me stronger.
I pray for everyone who is suffering. Keep God before you!
Walk strongly and own your pain for without it we would not grow. God bless our world leaders. May they be guided with the best intentions. Oh Heavenly Father, bring peace to this world. In Jesus' name...

Posted By  :   Susan on Jul 27, 2005   *
Comments :
Dear Holy Father Pope John Paul I pray for inrtercession,God please heal my son Jeremy 100% I ask In The Name of Jesus amen.
Posted By  :   JULIUS RUWAICHI on Jul 20, 2005   *
Comments :
We thank the almighty for granting us such a strong Pope. There are traces that, this world is moving haphazard. We had a man sent to us to teach us wisdom, patience, tolerance and above all.. humility. I wish and pray that all mankind begin to learn these lessons. Pope John Paul II was a legend and should be remembered by all mankind as a peaceful human being. We fully support pope Benedicto XVI.

Posted By  :   Marfo Evans on Jul 20, 2005   *
Comments :
Please I'm in need of jop to do.If you are willing to help me you can contact me through the email address above.Hope to hear from you soon.
Posted By  :   Marianne Tindill on Jul 20, 2005   *
Comments :
Dear Holly Father would you please email me back as soon when you get this email I would like to tell you about my family that is need in prayer now they drink gamble they fight they have two childen so if you do not mind email me back thank you so much. Marianne
Posted By  :   Marianne Tindill on Jul 20, 2005   *
Comments :
Dear Holly Father would you please email me back as soon when you get this email I would like to tell you about my family that is need in prayer now they drink gamble they fight they have two childen so if you do not mind email me back thank you so much. Marianne
Posted By  :   Chatterdeep on Jul 15, 2005   *
Comments :
yes its hard to no that he is no more but the message he wanted to deliver to everyone i think he has done it that earth want peace and we are the one who makes it heaven or hell its upto us.İ have never seen him in reality but always had a dream that once i could have only seen him and that would have even made my life easy. İ have heard about him a lot that he was the man of god who sent him on earth to fight the evil and which he did. But he is no more with us but we always have to remember the message which he wanted to deliver.
Posted By  :   nadine on Jul 09, 2005   *
Comments :
i worndered how to contact a spirit but now i know how

Posted By  :   ahmed elbar on Jul 07, 2005   *
Comments :
hello dears iam a poor man from morrocco i have no job and i need to earn some money to help my family thanks
Posted By  :   Jeremy Burns on Jul 07, 2005   *
Comments :
Glory be to God for PopeJohn Paul The II he canonised Saint Mother Therese of Calcutta Pop[e John Paul TheII Holy Father I love you and I pray theRosary every day like you and theyy are my favorite prayers like they are yours thank you for for being a good Catholic I like when you said "Do you think there is anything greater than bring Jesus to poeple and poeple to Jesus." that is true your a blessed man say hi to Saint Paul for me
Posted By  :   Rocio Andrade on Jul 06, 2005   *
Comments :
I miss the Pope very much, he will be missed for a very long time, even though, he will always be in everybody's heart.
Posted By  :   CHAMPACA on Jul 04, 2005   *
Comments :
I dont know what to say...but he is good than the other popes...
Posted By  :   Cayla on Jul 02, 2005   *
Comments :
What inspired Pope John paul to leader, and why?
Posted By  :   pramod gupta on Jul 02, 2005   *
Comments :
jon pop paul is the greatest person. he was the greatest teacher of the world. he teaches us the lesson of peace.

Posted By  :   Yalda Mobayen on Jul 02, 2005   *
Comments :
Pope John Paul II will be missed dearly. I have tears coming right now. He was a great man. He will be missed. I will always keep his spirit in my heart.
Posted By  :   Jon Paul Dailey on Jun 28, 2005   *
Comments :
I thing the pope was A brilliant pope in the world and I have the same name as him
Posted By  :   chriska on Jun 27, 2005   *
Comments :
pls send me a biography of pope john paul II.I must to be write a article his about life, for our school programme.
Posted By  :   genevive on Jun 26, 2005   *
Comments :
u are blessed
Posted By  :   Lusubilo David Adam on Jun 25, 2005   *
Comments :
May God rest your soul.Amen
Posted By  :   wakefield mak on Jun 25, 2005   *
Comments :
Posted By  :   patrick on Jun 16, 2005   *
Comments :
i love the pope. he has made me a better christian.thankyou.
Posted By  :   Belinda-Jane on Jun 14, 2005   *
Comments :
The Pope had such a large impact on so many lives. I'm not one that goes to church but I do believe in God and his ways, and I know that there was a reason that Pope John Paul II was chosen to grace our paths. He will be missed dearly and it is going to be hard shoes to fill for our newest Pope Benedit XVI, good luck
Posted By  :   keely on Jun 14, 2005   *
Comments :
I learnt so much from our holy farther he believed in us as we belived in him and we still do today we will miss him always but he will always be with us in our hearts.
Posted By  :   Lauren on Jun 14, 2005   *
Comments :
I remember when Pope John Paul II was elected. I was in my last year of high school. He was such a beautiful person. A people Pope. He loved everyone, and we loved him. God Bless you Pope John Paul II
Posted By  :   Alicia T Maria Lanza on Jun 13, 2005   *
Comments :
I know beside Christ he was and will be the greatest man that ever lived. He was truely God's Chosen gift to the world

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